Innuendo: Suggestive Jewelry

Arcana Metalwork Gallery presents an intimate collection of suggestive jewelry. Artists were requested to submit works using humor, double entendre, and creatively oblique references to sex and sexuality, and they did not disappoint.  

Featuring work by Nanz Aalund, Mandy Allen, Thomas Bosse, Carolyn Buss, Nathan Carroll, Andy Cooperman, Matthew Coté, Taylor Dunivan, Rachel Dunn, Molly Epstein, Peg Fetter, Shirlee Grund, Andrew Kuebeck, Victoria Lansford, Charles Lewton-Brain, Eileen O’Shea, Ashley Pollack, John and Corliss Rose, Jean Shaffer, Jennifer Stenhouse, and Dawn White.

Juried by Adam Atkinson, Sophia Iannicelli, and gallery owner Peggy Foy.

Due to the need for social distancing, in-person attendance will be very limited: to schedule a “private viewing,” please make an appointment using our online booking assistant. (Limited to 1 household per visit, 18+ only.)

Visitors ages 18 and over may also visit our Online Gallery.