Welcome to the 2020 Campaign Button Challenge Gallery!

Update (Sept 21): The challenge has officially ended: we are all sold out! Together, we raised over $5,000 to Get Out The Vote. Thank you!

The donation link below is still active, and if you appreciate the artwork you see here, please consider kicking in a few dollars to Movement Voter Project. Thank you for supporting a fair vote!

Participating Artists:

Nanz Aalund, Poulsbo, WA | Nancy Bonnema, Seattle, WA | Virginia Causey, Seattle, WA | Anner Charrier, Seattle, WA | Shannon Conrad, Portland, OR | Helen Cowart, Bainbridge Island, WA | June Cream, Seattle, WA | Kathy Edens, Sammamish, WA |  Peggy Foy, Seattle, WA | Nina Gibson, Anaheim, CA |  Stacey Hansen, Jackson, MS |  Sara Sally LaGrand, Lenexa, KS |  Julia Lowther, Seattle, WA |  Barbara Magaña, Bellevue WA |  Helen Malchow, Ashford, CT  |  Wendy Wallin Malinow, Portland, OR  |  Thomas Mann, New Orleans, LA |  Jane Martin, Bainbridge Island, WA |  Courtney Jenson, Bellingham, WA |  Mari Nelson and Misbah Rehman, Seattle WA |  Andrea Ring, Kansas City, MO |  Teresa Rodriguez, Clinton, WA |  John and Corliss Rose, Tustin, CA |  Jennifer Stenhouse, Seattle, WA |  Yuko Tanaka, Seattle WA |  Cynthia Toops, Seattle, WA |  Tegan Wallace, Seattle WA |  Vicki Zoumenou, Sammamish, WA

About the Project: Studio jewelers across the country have teamed up with Movement Voter Project (MVP) to raise funds to Get Out The Vote in swing states. Using the format of a campaign button, each artist made their interpretation of current events. The art is offered both as a donation incentive, and to inspire hope and enthusiasm for voting. Please join us in empowering voters to exercise their rights, and encouraging all Americans to vote in this year’s election.

Donations of any amount are welcome and all contributions support a fair vote.